August 31, 2010

In Love | Casey + Ben

My favorite type of pictures have always been engagement, or what we like to call "In Love" photos. Ben and I got engaged in the Marin Headlands on Christmas morning. (BTW there are no tourists on the Golden Gate Bridge, or anywhere near it, on Christmas morning!) It was a surprisingly sunny, clear December morning over the city, and it was completely peaceful. Before I knew what was going, Ben had pulled the car over to "take a picture" of this amazing morning and was down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. It took me all of 20 minutes to wipe the tears and call one of my best friends Nicole to tell her I was finally engaged. I'm pretty sure right then she started planning our engagement shots, which came out incredible if I say so myself! We were her first and it turned out to be a very normal Saturday for us....just with little miss photographer following us around. It's fun to look at the two of us now, 16 years after we met, and see that we still have so much fun together, even if it's just picking out produce at the Farmer's Market or grabbing a cup of coffee at Rose's Cafe. What can I say...I am so in love...


Photos courtesy of  Nicole Paulson Photography

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