May 13, 2011

Hitched | April 30, 2011 | Sara + Jeff

We're exited to tell you all about our first wedding of the 2011 season! We met this beautiful bride and her adorable mother in November and we loved them both from the start, as wedding planners it's important that you "get" your bride and most of the time, her family since they can sometimes be more involved than the groom. We didn't get to meet Jeff until the rehearsal and boy were we pleasantly surprised, this couple couldn't be cuter! Sara showed us a whole new side of her when Jeff walked into the room, they really light each other up. This is what makes our job so great, seeing people in love! Sara and Jeff got married at the Westin, St. Francis in San Francisco on a unexpected warm April day. The best part of this wedding, besides seeing how much this couple loves each other and how much their families love them is Sara running up mid-dancing to grab us to thank us with a big hug. Seeing her so happy made our night. It was a wonderful wedding, exactly what we expected for these newly weds. Sara and Jeff are hitched! Congrats!

Casey and Courtney

Photographed by Sherman Chu. Thank you!

Venue and Caterer Westin St. Francis
Flowers by Floramor
Makeup by All Dolled Up
Photographer Sherman Chu
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  1. This wedding is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the hitched sign at the end, with the great city view.