February 10, 2012

Next Baby Comes | Budde Shower

Where do I even begin...how do I explain my excitement and love for a little munchkin I hadn't even met yet? Well, it all started at our favorite Chinese restaurant. As I sat across from Casey and opened a fortune cookie that read "I'M PREGNANT", I looked up through my tears to see a new mommy in front of me. My big sis is pregnant, I just couldn't believe it. Two of my favorite people in the world were going to have a baby! It didn't take long before I began scheming and planning not only my little niece's (or nephew) first official party (otherwise known as the baby shower) but also birthdays, graduations, and just about any event I could plan! When Casey realized she was having a girl it was hard to keep her away from planning every little detail herself but we eagerly accepted the challenge. We decided on a simple yet girly backyard shower. The colors and theme? Easy! The food? (Thanks to Ben's mom, Sandy) A breeze! The venue? (Casey and Ben's beautiful home) Perfect! The weather? Not... so... much. Have you ever wondered what to do at an outdoor shower when it actually showers? Well, it's simple really. You move it inside and add a little more wine to the sangria.

Auntie Courtney 

I know Casey will agree that this shower could not have been done without all the love from The Budde's, The Reed's (mom, you're amazing), Aunt Nannie & Uncle Peter, and some of Baby B's favorite girls. A special thank you to B's personal photographer, Nicole Paulson who stood in the rain to take these gorgeous pics. Thank you all!


It doesn't get much cuter than these faces....

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  1. Absolutely the cutest baby shower ever! All the hand done touches! Love it.