Our Story

The idea of "Help Me Get Hitched" really began while driving through wine country for a friend's bachelorette weekend discussing how fun planning a wedding really can be. We wanted to create our own Event and Design company. With our passion for design and attention to detail we can't help but love the art of event planning. Lucky for us we had our first event to plan, Casey's wedding! During the next 6 months we found ourselves intoxicated by dresses, flowers, favors, invitations and more. Basically, we adore all things pretty and love to see the bride's (that means you) dream wedding come to life! 

10 things you may or may not know about Casey and Courtney...

     1. Casey's older by 15 months.
     2. We didn't always play nice with each other like we do now.
     3. We have a "little" brother, Colby Patrick Reed. His laugh melts our hearts.
     4. Between the two of us, our mom receives at least a half dozen calls a day.
     5. We are certain our mom will cry reading this. We also have the crying gene. :)
    6. We are swimmers and even escaped from Alcatraz. 
     7. Our dad might be the most loving dad ever made. We're both daddy's girls!
     8. We have seen the movie Dirty Dancing about 100 times. (Court's childhood fav) 
     9. We are suckers for engagement stories. Never get sick of hearing them. 
    10. We both agree the best part of a wedding is seeing the groom's face while his love 
          walks down the aisle. 
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  1. Aww.... Such A cute website! Good luck planning, and I love your ideas!